Become Digital is a company created by experts who have developed their professional work in the U.S. and Europe that promotes technology-based services: Digital identity, chatbots, biometrics, AI/ML (Artificial intelligence / Machine learning) for companies to execute online transactions with their users in an environment of ease of use, security, trust and convenience.

Digital identity, also known as identity 2.0, is everything that identifies us in the online environment. It is the set of technologies used to identify users when they make remote transactions from their PCs, smartphones and tablets with their banks, telcos, health institutions, insurance companies, governments, etc. and in general any private or public entity.


    • Validation of documents such as passports, ID cards and driving licences. The information must be genuine.
    • Authentication The person is who they say they are with respect to the identity displayed.

Companies are looking for digital transformation, security, transparency, and convenience for users at the same time they need to prevent fraud and improve efficiency.

Become Identity Verification KYC & AML


Why do we create Become Digital?

Because digital transformation is not meeting the expectations offered by technology companies. At Become Digital we believe in digital transformation; not the one based on software licensing sales, we believe in that transformation that, with core software, causes abrupt and disruptive changes in processes that are optimized based on better user experiences, efficiencies, savings, and transaction confidence.

We believe in software, basically because today we could say that any company, no matter the industry, is a software company. A logistics company, restaurant, university, bank, insurer or clinic is in the end a software-based company as its key factor in scalable.

Digital transformation is installed at the heart of a user when consuming a company’s services in one way: simple, intuitive, fast, frictionless, safe, and personalized.

Our company bases its solutions on the framework of “5D”: Digital, Disruptive, Dematerialize, Desmonetize and Democratize.

At Become Digital we believe in talent and excellence which we interpret as attention to those details that really add value, we believe in team innovation no more than “gurus” or heroes.

We were born under the premise that the market has changed, that business models have changed, we are aware that there are fewer and fewer businesses in which a million-dollar license can be sold. That world is over.

Our solutions are not product-focused but a key part of an ecosystem as defined by deloitte: “Business ecosystems are diverse actors who create and capture new values through collaboration and competition.”

What we offer companies are digital identity platforms and chatbots based on a “software as a service / Pay As You Go” model.

We seek to make our customers pay only for what they use, not tie them to the dependence of a single supplier, we are interested in companies taking advantage of the technological ecosystem by purchasing from each technology company/startup their micro-service that adds value to the entire process of a corporation in search of continuous improvement and LEAN practices.

Check out our products, call us, write to us or “invite us for an API” to draw the future together.

Become Identity Verification KYC & AML