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Identity Verification KYC & AML

Identity Verifications

Verify any identity document in the world in just seconds

BeCompliant automatically verifies the authenticity and validity of any identity document in the world, be it a passport, driver’s license or national identification card – giving your users a seamless experience at scale.

We offer you all the tools you need to verify the identity of your users and automate your verification processes. With BeCompliant, improve your conversion rates while making your business more secure.

Get more information about your users through smooth verification flows

Create smooth verification flows by gathering more information about your users with fewer steps. With BeCompliant, 96% of users are verified on the first try.

Verify the validity of the document with local government databases

Amake sure your user is a real citizen, registered in the countries where you operate now and in the future. We verify critical data points such as identification number and tax registration.

Automatically reject forged documents

Get an exact status for each verified document. If something seems suspicious with a user, we automatically reject it and alert your team.